When you sell your house yourself, without the help of a real estate agent or broker – what do I need to know?

It’s not as hard if it looks like this is something new for both parties. You’ll want an agreement in place about who will handle certain tasks such as showings (you) and repairs/maintenance work (the buyer). Make sure there are no surprises down the line because these could get nasty fast!

We all know the Realtor, right? Well if you want to save some money on your next house buy or sell then get rid of them! They take a hefty commission from what is rightfully yours and can cost as much as 6% which could add up quickly. With Investors like WeBuyHouses956 selling within two weeks is the new normal!

You will never have to worry about cleaning things up, repairs, showings, inspections, appraisals, or those pesky commissions. When you sell to us, you sell with peace of mind that you will get the offer you agree on and it will happen on the date of your choice. That’s right, you can even pick your closing date.

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